Why publish with Xeno Gaming?

Xeno Gaming wants to make it easier for indie developers to succeed in the video games industry. We found that publishing is the next great way for us to support Indie Games, by helping great ideas become successful games.
nintendo publishing
playstation publishing
xbox publishing
kinguins publishing
instantgaming publishing
steam publishing


Our Team helps us dealing with legal questions and opening a company for your game


We will help you market your Indie Game to our worldwide partners and communities


Work with our Twitch streamers  and YouTuber connections to encourage videos and streams about your game


We will help you succeed not just on Xeno Gaming, but on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Instant Gaming, Kinguin…


Our goal is to make you earn money quickly, so you can continue working on your Game.


At Xeno Gaming we help you integrate the latest technologies into your Indie Game

Dev Control

We look for developers and games that we believe in. We want you to keep the control about your Game Development


We give you money up front so you don’t need to starve to finish your game

Who does Xeno Gaming already reviewed?

How do I apply?

We’re always looking for amazing games. If you have a game that would be a good fit, let us know. We will review and get back to you generally within 48 hours.

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