Animal Rivals – Review

Animal Rivals Review

The game is basically a party mode game that allows teaming up among players and competes to win the prestigious title. There are many mini games incorporated within the game that makes it even more interesting for players.


The game basically supports six different modes of gameplay. Each mode has its own sets of goals, aims and difficulty level. That clarifies for the part of huge rising demands of the game among players. The game modes include:

  1. Collector mode

The collector mode requires players to collect in game objects while preventing the opponents from collecting theirs. The player or team with the highest objects by the end of the time frame wins the game.

  1. Runner mode

You need to race against the other players to be the first one across the finish line. This mode has negative as well as positive power ups to make the course even more interesting for players.

  1. Destroyer mode

This mode requires players to destroy the colored box of their opponents while protecting their own. Though it may sound similar to the collector mode, it has its own differences.

  1. Catcher mode

It is a quick play mode where cannonballs are shot randomly and players need to propel themselves in air to catch them. The ones with the highest count of cannonballs at the end of the time frame win the match.

  1. Boss battle

This is a multiplayer mode that simply requires you to compete against other players to be the last man standing. You do not require specific skill sets for this mode. All that is required is to grab a box and use it to hit the other players.

  1. Tournament mode

While the other game modes are more suited for teamed up matches, this is ideal for solo sessions. But it is open to group players as well. The winners will be declared at the end of each round. Basically it randomly throws the players into any one of the above modes to allow them to take a quick fun of the game.


What makes this game such a popular choice among the gamers is its extraordinary design apart from the striking gameplay. The designers have done some great work when you take the visual and audio aspects into consideration.

The visual graphics incorporated in the game is very different than similar other games. Multiple versions of the game have been released for gamers on multiple platform including PC and Nintendo Switch.

There are no stones left unturned when it comes to the audio effects as well. That includes the game music, sequential tones and the audio of the characters. The designers have paid a lot of attention to match the perfect music with the perfect game sequence, thus working to enhance the game playing experience even further.

But more development could be brought in the designing of the characters and deal the various performance issues including the bugs, glitches and bring in more enhanced features.


  • Multiple game modes with multiple objectives and aims to suit the mood of each player.
  • Allows teaming up with local players to compete against other teams and win the title.
  • Explicit in-game designs to make things more interesting.


  • Unlike other games in the market, this game tutorial is just a set of images that contribute to confusing the players more than getting them prepared for the game.
  • The game only supports English and Polish language, thus making it a bit tough for global players.


Animal Rivals is a perfect game to kill your boring time and enjoy some fun with other players from in their locality. It is one of the best games available in the market for kids who have simple demands and do not complain much of lags, FPS issues and glitches. As time goes on, the game will surely bring in more updates and take care of the bugs still existing within it. Overall, the game is a good and with more trials from the developer, it is sure to become more interesting in the coming future.