CodeRed Agent Sarah’s Story – Day one – Review

CodeRed Agent Sarah’s Story – Day one Review

CodeRed Agent Sarah’s Story – Day one is an interesting detective game where the player works to lead an investigation. With simple interactions and great design, the game comes with one of the best game-play options available in the range of other similar games.


The main objective of the game is to capture a dangerous terrorist as the players play the role of Sarah Young, one of the best special agent detectives. That means the story-line of the game is well set and very interesting.

If you are into playing role play games yet do not want to go through the extra hassles this is the game for you. It requires you to make choices by clicking on the available options and the game will progress accordingly. The best part is each option will make the game progress differently, thus aiding to enjoy multiple game endings. Though this is the first game of LivinThing Studio on Steam, they have worked sufficiently to meet up to the expectations of the players.

The game requires players to travel, investigate and interrogate people. The players will be acting as the detective and enjoy the classic point and click model of game-play. They will also be required to take part in several interrogations apart from interrogating potential convicts, maintain relationships and interact freely with the other characters. Now for the most fun part, the detective also goes on date.

There are two things in the game that require management. First is the energy that depletes as you do more and more activities. So it is necessary to keep an eye open on the energy bar. Players can restart the game over and over again to enjoy the multiple endings and re-earn the achievement prizes.

Another thing that asks for management is the in-game money. Players will need it to complete all activities. But the sources are limited. The only way to earn more is to play the game repeatedly and accomplish the achievements to cope up with the monetary demands.

One thing that makes it a bad choice for kids or playing at work is the incorporation of matured contents including nudity and frequent violence.

CodeRed Agent Sarah's


In terms of design, there is no complain as there are no rapid changes that come in to the game. Depending on the model on which the game is designed, the features are pretty sharp and prominent. The images used for the background are suitable and unique and works great to complement the game-play well to great extents.

The incorporation of the English and Polish language in the game’s user interface makes it more interactive as players exactly know what to do. But there are still some bugs that make the game-play a bit difficult. The game designers are working on it to make the game reach its full potential and gain even more fame as time passes. If we neglect the matured contents, this game features some of the best interactive features.


  • The user interface is pretty simple and straightforward.
  • The game works on a tap and click model thus making it easy for players to progress in the game.
  • Players can replay achievements to earn more in-game currencies and use them for doing activities.


  • If you lack good management skills, continuing with this game can be tough.
  • You require money to do a lot of activities but the source is limited.
  • Does not support multiple languages to allow global players to enjoy the game as they want.
  • Unsuitable for all ages due to the matured contents.


Overall, the game is greatly addictive as well as interactive. Also, you will not be wasting too much of your precious time on the game as the energy and the money bar greatly regulates the progress. If you cannot manage things well and push it too far, you will need to wait longer to replay it again. For anyone who has a liking for point and click type of games, this is an ideal choice for some great fun.


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