Lunch Break

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Lunch Break is a retro arcade-style game. The player’s character, Chris, is trying to eat his picnic, but various critters and hazards are out to ruin it. There are 4 onscreen buttons to help Chris avoid or fend off pests; kick, swat, duck, and switch sides of the bench. Chris will lose enjoyment for each time his lunch is interrupted, and if his enjoyment runs out completely then his lunch break is ruined and it’s game over. Each of the game’s levels has a time limit; if the timer reaches zero before Chris’s enjoyment does, then the game advances to the next level and Chris’s enjoyment is replenished. There are many different levels which gradually get more difficult and feature different hazards. Every forth level is a bonus round where you must make Chris frantically shovel food into his mouth while being careful to not accidentally eat a pigeon. Like the retro games which inspired it; the game is about score chasing and not about completion; it continues until the player loses. There is an online leaderboard for players to share and compare their high scores.