Once upon a Dungeon

Explore dark dungeons, defeat challenging creatures and collect unique loot in this hardcore roguelike game.

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Once upon a Dungeon has been released in Jan 2018 on the Steam platform

While being enjoyable at the release date, since then it’s got a few large updates (including largest one in August) making it a truly deep roguelike experience.

The most important features of the game:
– Turn Based – each entity on the game level performs its move one after another
– Procedurally generated – each time you play the game the layout of dungeons will be bit different. Loot collected from monsters, chests will also be random
– Hack oriented – the goal is to kill monsters and find powerful treasures in order to kill stronger ones and repeat the process
– Permanent death – it’s an optional feature
– Classic quest like cleaning up Old Cemetery and game specific ones like defeating the Wawel Dragon

The most important changes since the release:
– Inventory management is now convenient
– New game’s panes : Advanced Crafting, Quests, Backpack
– Abilities system
– Slavic Gods  introduced as part of game’s mechanic

If you played it at the release date new features shall make it worth a second look. If you didn’t and you like old school dungeon crawlers you might give it a try.


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