Huge Enemy – Worldbreakers Review

Huge Enemy – Worldbreakers Review

Made for players by players, the Huge Enemy – Wolrdbreakers is a horizontal Shoot’Em Up in a science fiction universe detailed in Full HD. In this game, you are going to compete against two big bosses; dodge the shots by melting into the background; run counter-attacks and regenerate your life bar by absorbing the energy of your opponents.

The shooter game features a dual dynamic normal and hard gameplay with DEPTH and FRONT weapons and a viewfinder to make an easy target.


All the levels, bosses and modes have undergone hundreds of tests. The money that can be won during this game has now been balanced so as to enhance a better gaming experience.

Some of the features in the gameplay which will excite players are:

  • Avoid obstacles using the Doge action
  • Make a switch between four different weapons
  • Eliminate enemies in background by firing into DEPTH
  • Refill your shield by stealing your enemies’ energy
  • Eliminate all the enemies by using the three MEGA WEAPONS, which are quite powerful, to say the least
  • When you are hit, cause damage on your enemies by deploying the three PAYBACK systems
  • Unlucky various modes and successes
  • Battle for survival against the game’s HUGE ENEMIES.
  • Begin the battle at any of the unlocked levels
  • Accomplish the Normal modes so as to unlock the Hard levels
  • Earn BLOOD MONEY by busy destroying your enemies
  • Upgrade your ship using BLOOD MONEY at CHECKPOINTS

In this latest version of Huge Enemy – Worldbreakers, there are:

  • Eleven levels to be played, fourteen bosses you have to kill and there is one training room.
  • You have over 80,000 enemies to combat and kill
  • A long play which lasts for two hours at least, with no replay or dying
  • Compare your scores with those of your other Steam friends on the leaderboard
  • There is also the possibility of replaying any of the levels which you might have previously unlocked so as to upgrade weapons and earn more money
  • There is the possibility of choosing between two main ships in the game.
  • With KIBO, you get 30% added firepower
  • With RAZOR, you get 30% of added speed
  • Not that when you swap your main ships, your upgraded weapons will not change.

Payback is a very powerful retaliatory system in the game which activates after your enemies’ bullets hit you.

At any time and any checkpoint, you can select either the ATTACK system or the DEFENCE one from the start of the game.

While the ATTACK offers you a superb destructive power, the DEFENSE gives you the ability to use the main weapons as well as to make the ship indestructible.

The Dodge feature gives players the option to take cover from enemies, their bullets or anything that can destroy or hit the ship.


The overall design of this game is absolutely top-notch. The design only, exempting the wonderful gameplay, would make you fall in love with it. The graphic design makes it look and feel like a scene from an award-winning sci-fi movie. Did we talk about how fitting the music goes with the gameplay?

In terms of hardware requirement for the game, it is designed to play without hitches on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Here, we show you what the technical specifications of the system you need to play Huge Enemy – Worldbreakers on PC should be such as the best performance, fps-optimized graphics depending on the operating system you use, the graphics card, microprocessor/CPU, ram and other features of your computer.


  • Very interesting gameplay
  • Designed with loads of game features
  • Can work on many operating systems
  • High-definition display


  • No mobile version


Huge Enemy – Wolrdbreakers is a horizontal Shoot’Em Up in a science fiction universe detailed in Full HD . If you want to push the limits of level scoring and your gamer limits! So this game is for you! Waves of enemies will overwhelm you and ask for a foolproof concentration!