Project Genom –  Review

Project Genom – Review

In 2016, we entered the world of Project Genom, a new science fiction game developed by NeuronHaze. The game leads players to embark on a journey through the galaxy to discover a very distant planet. It offers progression through a classless system, shooter-type combat, an open world and dynamic missions in which the decisions of the players have repercussions. Parts of the features of the game are vehicles and exceptional graphics. On paper, we have a round title that can delight the players.


It is currently in alpha phase, so many elements are susceptible to be modified and many others have not yet been implemented. And we can also expect bugs and occasional performance problems, but we must say that, in our gaming experience, we do not come across anything really serious yet.

However, and although this is not to the liking of the majority, there’s nothing else needed to begin one’s runs into a very well designed world. We wake up alone, in a capsule, and we must fight our way against some creatures as part of the tutorial in which basic mechanics are learned. Nothing remarkable is needed, but it would be useful to get the game’s control. Once completed, we jump directly into the game, and this is where you can appreciate the power of the Unreal 4 engine.

By simply entering the main ship (a huge station with bars, workshops, ports, botanical area and stores), one can get lost in the beauty and details of the scenarios, with NPCs working on repairs, chatting or walking.

Project Genom is a game with third-person shooter mechanics, so it is necessary to aim at the enemies with the cursor. Given the occasional problems of current performance, this can be a problem sometimes. For some players, it was impossible to guess. We also found some enemies on which we had to empty entire loaders until they died. All this, together, causes that what should be a fun combat becomes a somewhat tedious type of combat. Hopefully, it improves.

The progression system is very interesting. There are no classes and it is uploaded according to what is done and used. To increase the skill with a rifle, you have to use that rifle; if you want to raise armor, you have to use protection; to climb crafting, you have to create things. And the missions are very interesting, since the player can make decisions that lead to new missions and varied rewards. Each one is free to live the adventure that seems to him. The game world is huge, and there are many quests to choose from.

How will the game be at the maximum level? Little can we say about it at this time. Many things have been promised, such as huge mechs and consequences in the world based on player decisions, but we can not guarantee the result. However, Project Genom undoubtedly evokes massive effect.


The Project Genom graphics are incredible. Currently, there is no personalization at the time of creating the character, but we assume that this is something that will be added in the not-too-distant future.

Without a doubt, it is a very immersive experience. If you add to this the lighting, the effects of the shadows, the lights of the shop windows and the holographic announcements through the glass, this is an incredible game experience. It’s the details that make a game great, in our opinion.

However, graphics aside, there are other elements in which the game in its current version is not up to expectations. The game map (accessed by pressing the M key) is a terribly designed tool that makes it almost impossible to differentiate between the different levels of the main ship or the location of walls and places. In addition to this, the missions during the first hours of the game are quite boring, and we ran into some problems in the mission registry to complete the ones we had pending. In one of the first missions we had to find four screws that an engineer had lost, but the map indicated a completely wrong area, and there was no visual indicator with which to perceive the position of the screws. Basically, we had to go through the whole area by pressing the E key (to interact) until we found the screws.


  • Graphics impressions
  • Dynamic missions
  • Good progression system


  • Some boring missions
  • Unpolished combat
  • Bugs. (EARLY ACCESS don’t panic ^^)


Game in development with a lot of good idea! A lot of bug yet but will forgive by what it will be corrected! For an indie game I think it’s worth to be interested.

Right now, the game is far from being ready. Everything needs to be improved, but it has a lot of potentials. The graphics are amazing, the world is huge and the dynamic mission system is very original. We will have to wait to see where it is going and if it will reach a good port.