Revhead – Review

Revhead – Review

Revhead is a complete racing simulator that will take you not only to compete, but, of course, to build your own car in far away Australia. In addition, there seem to be enough circuits to compete with cars that you yourself must build from scratch.

It is a game with 723mb capacity. It was at first released in March 2017 and belongs to the genre: Action, Indie, Racing, Automobile and Simulators.




First of all, welcome to faraway Australia, where the game will take place. Since you are in that desert place, you will meet Charlie, a friend who will allow you to create your own race vehicles from your garage. You will have all the elements to develop a vehicle that allows you to compete in different circuits and explore everything around you. You will have the chance to make your fast car and compete to gain experience and also increase your skills as a mechanic.

To play this exciting game, you need to be like the real Revhead! You will have to purchase and sell cars and their parts. To stay in the game, you have to master some real mechanical skills to fix, maintain and optimize the performance of your car as at when due. Then, you will need to employ lots of tweaks to ensure your vehicle is the fastest one in the virtual village in Australia.

In this game, you have to bring your skills in racing into play so you can beat your opponents on the tracks.

This is not a game in which you could swear on the provided automobiles due to their lack of performance. Every player is given the chance to build their own cars from scratch, maintain them and repair them when faulty. Made available to you are thousands of automobile parts. You will have to bring each together to form a whole moving engine at different levels. You can swap, remove and replace components between different cars to suit your purpose.

However, to get the best result, you not only have to nurture your car building skills, but you also have to be a real race star. So, it doesn’t end with building a very fast or very strong car.

You can decide on how you want the paintwork, the performance and the handling of your car to be like. It sounds so much as reality right? But this is what Revhead is like and this is more reason why you should get involved in the excitement.


In the hope of getting enough players all around the world, the game is developed in 10 different languages: English, Danish, Czech, French, German, Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Turkish and Hungarian. The audio settings feature separate volume controls. In terms of graphics, the video settings feature windowed option, anti-aliasing, vertical sync and 60 FPS.

However, the game design is not really good as it is. It is like a hybrid of an arcade racing game like the Asphalt, Burnout or the NFS game. However, as we have said, this is an absolutely different game which is like a new genre in automobile game category. It is a car-building plus car racing game. The game can manage to make a jumbled mass of nothing.

As a construction, racing and adventurous game – all in one – the game is designed to work only on PC – Windows operating system especially.

On the required operating system, Revhead runs on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (64-bit). It needs a minimum of 2GHz dual-core processor and a memory space of 4 GB RAM and the graphics, minimum of 1GB ram

You will need a broadband internet connection to play it and a 2 GB of available space.


  • Car-building plus car racing
  • A new genre of car racing game
  • No bugs were seen nor reported


  • Limited racing option
  • A bit on the high side in terms of pricing


We would advice car racing fans who are looking for something new to try out this new type of automobile game. However, don’t nurture high hopes on this. We really hope the developers will try to improve on the gameplay options in its next versions. But, if  you like to convert a wrecked car into a 4×4 in the virtual world, then this is for you!