Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat Review

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat Reviews

Game description

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat is a fun-loving new Smash Bros-inspired game which allows players to make use of a combination of weapons to pull, push and knock their enemies into hazards and throw them off the arena.

The first person multi-player game is a shooting game in which players have to use physics-based weapons to smash and thrash their opponents. The physics-based weaponry which is available to gamers has defensive and offensive functionality, as well as some dual purpose.


In the game, you can make use of a pull beam to pull yourself or pull unsuspecting enemies to you to bridge the gap and give them a melee.

With the push orb, you can knock your enemy entirely off from the map and also use it to get some air when used on yourself.

You can also throw in the stasis grenade which would temporarily disable the controls of your enemies and then drag them nearer to the death trap by deploying the gravitational kill beam.

By equipping yourself with grenades which give insane explosion and force damage, you can create chaos in your enemy’s camp. Any opponent who dares come nearer to you stands the risk of getting eliminated off-map, into the walls, or killed.

You can choose the several combinations of the way you want your enemies obliterated in the game. Pull, Push, Grapple, Vortex or Gravity, there are so many possibilities. You can equip both of your hands with two different loads which can be swapped instantly when you feel they are needed.

The game development was started by just two persons and it was released in just three months.

Shift abilities

With the PHYS weapons, it’s just the starting point for you. In the mode of the game, you can select one Shift ability. You can choose the Jetpack, which helps you cushion your landing or lets you have a tight air control. You can also opt for the Bull Dozer ability which charges you forward, making you bash your enemies heads and send them back flying.

You can also be like an artillery by giving it a Ground Pound. Any enemy caught up in the blast radius will be totally gone. With this, you can smash your enemies’ skulls to scale through the next dimension.

The pull Beam allows you to propel yourself throughout the levels and draw the enemies closer. The game has several gameplay elements from Smash Bros as the ammunition do not kill the opponents but they make an attempt in pushing them into the deadly hazards or off the arena. The more the damage you give them, the easier you can fling them around.

The game which was developed with a unique interface offers a fast-paced fighting experience added with lots of weaponry and verticality which require a lot of thinking than just only pointing and then shooting.

The Force Modifier

In Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat, there’s what is known as the “Force Modifier”. The more you give your enemies the Phys damage, the more your physics weapons get REACTIVE.

You can choose how you would like to combine your weapons so as to take down opponents. However, you should have it in mind that players do not die just by exerting force, throughout all the levels, you have several instant-killing hazards, hyper trams and flying aircrafts every now and then. Also, don’t forget that there are map boundaries which can kill you when you get thrown out too far.

The game is obviously inspired by tons of games such as Spider-Man, DragonBall Z, Super Smash, Star Wars, Tribes and others.

By now, we think you have a perfect understanding of what gameplay and mechanics go well best together.


Overall, Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat is a nicely developed innovative multiplayers shooter game. You have the ability to swap your weaponry and there are innovative experimental modes. There is the PHYS power system which is meant to optimize the player speed, agility, strength, etc.