Second Second – Review

Second Second Review

The Second Second is a rogue like card game that involves duel battles. You need to come up with your own deck and participate in more than 30 different events. If you are skilled enough, you can win them all. But you need to choose the right combinations to ensure that.


It is a rogue like card game that has a pretty simple objective – to win a duel battle. Players need to set their own decks using the cards they own and plan it out to great efficiency. Though it is a card game, you do not require drawing cards to participate in the game.

So it may be confusing to first timers. But it is not at all complex. There are over a thousand cards to choose from. What the cards basically represent are the characters in the game. That means all the characters can be unlocked once a player collects all the corresponding cards. Repetitive cards can be used to upgrade the statistics of the character. As you will be responsible to set your deck, you will be responsible for your success or failure in the game as well. There is no random feature or luck factor but your skills and judgment only that will be ensuring your win.

You need to keep in mind of the characteristics specific to the card characters and how they affect or influence those of the other characters as well. The game works to generate random maps. It contributes to increasing the re-playability of the game without making it boring. Also, the game supports over 30 different and distinguished events with specific objectives. This allows the players to be able in playing their cards differently for each of the events. All cards may not be suitable for every event and may require specific set of particular cards to participate and confirm the success in the battle.

The game basically starts with three different characters that will have varied sets of weapons as well. The story will change, progress or differ on the basis of the presets of the 18 different starting cards.

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The game has some of the best designs when it is compared to the other card games. The best part of the game is the perfectly balanced AI simulation that contributes to making the game a well balanced one for all range of players.

In terms of visual graphics, the game supports some of the most interesting appearances. It attracts a lot of attention apart from the varied range of cards to choose from. As the game progresses and you unlock more and more cards, you will have a better hang of it. All the characters have been optimally designed and the maps are more attentively crafted to increase the fun.

The game is incorporated with three different language supports for the interface. That includes English, Koran and simplified Chinese. Players will also be provided with subtitles for making things simpler and allowing better interaction.

The sound effects further work to enhance the game features. It means that the audio effects will be boosting up the heat even more as the battles progress on to the next levels. But the game lacks full audio support for the dialogues.


  • The gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward.
  • There is no luck factor but your skills only that will determine your winning chances.
  • More than a 1000 cards to choose from that lack the element of randomization.
  • One of the best options for kids.


  • It can be tough and time consuming to collect all the cards to explore the game at full potential.
  • Choosing the right combination for your deck can be a bit problematic during the initial stages of the game.


If you want to rule the arena, you better collect up as many cards as you can to increase your chances of winning. But having the right cards is not just enough. You need to be skillful enough as well to confirm your success.