Tyranny – Review

Tyranny – Review

Tyranny is an RPG game that embeds violence, cruelty, action, and adventure. It is regarded as one of the best RPGs out there. The game gives much room for experimentation and provides for full freedom. The game is highly attractive and has a relatively compelling storyline that never seems to end. It houses so much text conversations and forgoes lots of dull elucidation. Tyranny requires the adept use of strategy, discipline and imagination. It’s the type of badass game where you are the good bad guy.


Yes, Tyranny, as it’s called, is really much about oppression. You are the good guy and you are also the much-hated guy. It welcomes you with a ridiculous eight days mission where you try to be a hero but of course, you are never a hero. You are constantly in a fight for a better cause no matter how terrible your action has to be.

The game tells a tale of intense cruelty. It’s about giving services for the greater good. You are in a world where dictatorship is the state of affairs in which there is every tendency for disorderliness, chaos and turbulence. There are also cases of minor groups, each having their own reason for disparity, violence and dichotomy.

This relatively free-willed game provides for more freedom as regards to choice where each decision determines the next series and sequence of events. You could be the hero of a group of people and the villain of another group. As each event unfolds, one has to constantly re-strategize to prevent character ambiguity to one’s self.

Each decision counts toward your potential end or fate. In all cases or choices, you always have to fight to the end to stay alive. And mind you, there is no right or wrong choice as one walks through the game. There is lots of walk-through in the game. Each conversation is there to guide and ensure you make your own choice and predetermine your fate. The game is inherently built with complexity in a seemingly ill-fashioned way.

There are no ends to surprises. As you voyage through cities to complete the task and fulfill one’s desire, your prior decision comes to tune your next steps. One can never tunnel out the myriads of the complex and deep nature of our choices alongside the environmental situations.

The game is fast, inventive, classical and captivating. It’s like an old wine in a new bottle with a renewing taste. From the orientation of the game, most of the enemies are alike. The only difference being the number of rivals and the difficulty in conquering each top rival.

The game could be completed within 20 hours. It’s the typical RPG yet more encapsulating and fascinating. Even though there are some vague flaws which include cold repetition of battle scenes and abrupt end to each farce, its gameplay is still a sweet cake any day, any time.


The design of the game is top notch. With graphical appeals that beats one’s imagination, one shudders at the thought of it due to its seemingly true historical appearance. The entertainment is also at a high level and there is no end to the dynamic surprises.

The world of RPG has seen something of elevated choice-oriented gameplay with amusing fantasies in cruelty. The layout and settings are something to behold and give a pictorial representation of the communal state of affairs in each setting. The pictures are colorful and choreographic. It attaches priority to voice quality and ensures coherence at all level.

The voice and audio quality is superb. Perfect tone to send proper messages or warnings and also to communicate effectively. Credits to the developers for such a high sided fantasy RPG which depicts some truths as to possible conditions during the aftermath of the second world war.


  • Quality audio, voice and tones
  • Evidently nice and proper transition
  • Colorful graphics, layout and design
  • High decision-making capability and flexibility
  • Good storyline
  • One of the best flexible RPG out there (in terms of decision making)


  • Limited storyline
  • Vague repetition of battles
  • Cold scene presentation


Tyranny is a highly rated role-playing action game that tells a tale of how a gamer tries to be a cold hero as he seeks to work for a better cause. It’s dynamic, addictive, colorful and engaging. It’s a good one for gamers that enjoy some kind of weird fantasies when it comes to playing RPG games. It’s also educative and provides an avenue for a relatively thrilling experience all through the game.