We Happy Few – Review

We Happy Few – Review

The game is widely described as an intriguing action-adventure game. It was developed by Compulsion Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. It’s a single player mode game with elements of survival, role-playing, and disorderliness. The game requires strategy, tactics, and resilience to make much progress. There is much fun and entertainment in the game as it has a lot of interesting and epic storylines with fascinating and mind-blowing features and capabilities.


We Happy Few tells a story of a town (Wellington Wells) in the aftermath of the 2nd world war. The town which is well isolated from the rest of Britain introduces the captivating story of the haggard state of affairs in the town. The set comprises of a series of small island linked together to make up the community (town). The citizens rely mainly on the drug called Joy to relieve them of their horrid past and much obnoxious memory of the war. High intake of the drug is a normalcy and abnormality is encouraged. Non-conformance to the societal norms would attract the wraths of the drugged citizens. These drug-induced citizens have different frenzy mode which may be madcap stupidity, inherent violence, madness, and excessive smiling.

The game tells a story of three citizens in the town that refuse follow the trend. It tells a tale of how they try to live and adapt in a world with an apparently different mentality and lifestyle. Gamers have to choose from one of the three characters that refused to conform to the norm in the society. Each of the characters has their own personal reasons for which they choose not to follow the trend. Any reminder of the good life of the past sends fury into the mind of the drugged citizens and the “downers” and they would respond with inflamed anger to kill you. There is no justice. Only their law exists.

The game is all about surviving in a very hostile environment and to achieve that effect, you have to learn how to manage resources. Clothing, food, drug, and material are the basic necessity for survival. Food keeps one’s mind stronger, increases stamina and also gives much energy to run if one is being pursued. There are materials for crafting which gives one access to locked doors for easy theft. There is also a stash feature that allows for the safe dumping of supplies or stolen possessions in a safe housing. The feature also provides the capability for easy retrieval wherever you are in the game. To evade problems in hostile towns, gamers can either become one of them by drugging and dressing or decides to fight all the enemies in a town. More also, one can sneak through narrow alleyways and patch of large grasses to avoid patrols or the hostile citizens. There are lots of riddles, puzzles, and problems that one is expected to solve. Fighting, running and sneaking is not always the case. Each personality or character has their strength and weakness and one has to know how to use and manage them effectively to survive in each hostile community. Yet for all the goodness in We Happy Few, there are lots of downsides. Each time one goes through a quest, it seems as though one is on a melee ride to an unending chaos. This drug-driven society is not without weakness. As one begins to understand the settings and tricks, things begin to become easier. With a vast inventory that comes no better use, one can always note that the quests start to look boring and counter-creative.


The graphical features are compelling, colorful and representative. With settings that spring out all the paraphernalia of discomfiture, intense depression, humiliation, and violence, there is no holding back by the developers of the game. The story merges with a mechanics that’s both attractive and refreshingly astonishing. The design is simply outstanding with a real situational transition. There should be more storylines and plots and more also, much technicality should be embedded in it as each level progress. The hide-run technique used to in getting answers to quests makes for a loophole that many resorts to.


  • Quality graphics
  • Interesting plots
  • Well-aligned storyline.


  • The Story starts to get too easy with the discovery of several loopholes


We Happy Few is so much filled with lots of depressingly beautiful tension. In here, you follow or you die, there is no escaping either. With so much interestingly laid-out plots, you can’t help but give in to the fact that the game is addictive. Its wonders starts to wane once you discover the many loopholes in the game. But looking from a general perspective, no matter how much joy you take, you cannot escape this breathtaking frenzy of disorderliness.